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Have you ever attended an after action review, retrospective or other recap of an important project, event or training and wondered how the important lessons were captured and made available for use in the future? Most often this information is lost as soon as the meeting is over or is never recalled for future use. The Secutor Solutions' Lessons Learned Database provides a repository in which this knowledge can be captured, maintained and searched for future use.

Lessons Learned Database

Features & Benefits






Facilitate lessons learned content validation with a review process by designated subject matter experts in your organization.


Search for one or more lessons learned based on keywords, categories, events and date parameters.






Categorize your lessons learned based on categories that you choose.


Generate reports with lessons learned info and export to popular formats such as PDF and Excel.


 Cloud Hosted




Lessons Learned is web-based and hosted in the cloud.



Use Lessons Learned on the go from a smartphone or tablet.

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