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Lessons Learned Database v4.5 Released

Jul 18 2016

We're pleased to announce the release of Lessons Learned Database v4.5. The scope of this release includes the following:

New Functionality

Support Request Management – Users that need assistance may now submit a support request form from within the Lessons Learned Database. Access is available via the Help > Support menu item. Requests for new users or new categories will be routed to the appropriate Account Administrators. All other requests will be routed to Secutor Solutions Support for resolution. Account Administrators may access their queue of support requests using the Admin > Support Requests menu item. Emails will be sent to interested parties when:

  1. A new support request is submitted.
  2. A response to a support request is provided.
  3. A support request is resolved.

Updates to Existing Functionality

New User Email – when a new user is created a New User Confirmation email is sent to that user with login instructions. This email has been updated to be more informative by:

  1. Informing the user that the confirmation link expires after first use,
  2. Directing future logins to https://lldb.secutorsolutions.com, and
  3. Providing the location of the User Guide and Support Request function in the Help menu.

Login and Password Changes -  To prevent failed logins when copying and pasting passwords from the New User Email the system will now remove any leading or trailing spaces before attempting to authenticate the user. When changing or resetting passwords the user is now restricted from using spaces anywhere in their password.