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Lessons Learned Database v4.5.1

Aug 20 2016

We recently released a maintenance update for the Lessons Learned Database (v4.5.1). The scope of this release includes the following: 


  • Category Caching – Account Admins using Internet Explorer may have encountered an issue when creating Categories in which the Parent Category list and Reviewer list would not refresh properly to reflect recently added Categories or Reviewers. This has been corrected and the lists should refresh immediately after adding Categories or Reviewers. 
  • Delegate Review Button – Although the Delegate Review button appeared to be disabled, Reviewers could still click on the button and trigger what appeared to be the delegation of a review. This was misleading and has been corrected. With this fix the selection of a Reviewer must be performed by first typing and selecting the name of the Delegate Reviewer in the text box to the left of the Delegate Review button.


Updates to Existing Functionality

  • Reviewer Identification – After a Lesson Learned is validated by a Reviewer, the Reviewer is now identified on the Lesson Learned form by listing their name. 
  • Comments Modification -  Account Admins may now add to or modify the text added to the Comments section of each Lesson Learned. To make changes the Account Admin may edit the text and then click the Save Comment Edits button below the Comments text box.