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Lessons Learned Database v5.0 Release Notes

Feb 17 2017

New Functionality

  • Lesson Lists – Users may now define their own collections of Lessons Learned by creating a Lesson List and adding validated Lessons Learned to the list. These lists may be kept private or may be shared with other users. List owners may grant users with whom they share a Lesson List either administrative or basic access to the Lesson List. Lesson List members with administrative access may add new lessons to the list and share with others while basic members have read only access to the Lesson List.
  • Projects – Account Administrators may create and manage a set of Projects. The designated Project owner can then add members who may access and take action on Lesson Lists assigned to that project. For now Project functionality is limited to the Project Lesson List Assignment feature (see below) but future enhancements will facilitate more project oriented tasks and data flow. Creating a new Project is done on the Projects tab of the Subscription Management page.
  • Project Lesson List Assignments – Lesson List owners may assign a Lesson List to one or more Projects. When a Lesson List assignment is created, the Lesson List owner has the option to require that an assigned Project acknowledge each Lesson Learned in the Lesson List. If no acknowledgement is required then the Lesson List is simply assigned for awareness. If the acknowledgement option is selected then the Project team is given the ability to describe the action taken for each Lesson Learned in the Lesson List. Lesson List owners are given insight into the status of these assignments and acknowledgements recorded via a Lesson List Tracking Report. Project owners may accept or reject an assigned Lesson List at their discretion. 

Updates to Existing Functionality

  • Changes to the Lesson Learned View – for Lessons Learned in the validated state, users will notice that we’ve rearranged a few items:
  1. The Lesson Learned title has been moved to the top of the screen in the header section to make better use of screen space.
  2. A Lesson Actions toolbar has been added where the Lesson Title used to reside. This toolbar contains functions for the following:

a. The Lesson Link button – to click and open the lesson in a new screen or to copy a link to the Lesson and send via email, etc.

b. The Flag for Review button – to initiate review for a validated Lesson Learned that may have questionable content. Flagging a Lesson Learned for review escalates the review to an Account Admin for them to archive, modify or delegate to the Primary Category Reviewer for their action.

c. The Add to Lesson List button – to add a Lesson Learned to a Lesson List to which the user has access. This is a new button that supports the Lesson List feature mentioned above.

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