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Lessons Learned Database v5.0.3 Release Notes

Apr 25 2017

We’ve recently released new functionality and a few fixes in v5.0.3. These new capabilities have been described below:

New Functionality

  • Export to MS Excel – You can now export directly to MS Excel. From any set of search results select the Lessons Learned to be exported and click the “Export to MS Excel” button at the bottom of the search results screen. This will export each Lesson Learned into a separate row in a single MS Excel spreadsheet. 
  • New Lesson Learned Form Customization – We’ve added the ability to customize the Lesson Learned form with an optional checkbox field and an optional numeric field. These customizations can be managed by an Account Administrator in the Lesson Form Customization tab of the Subscription Management page. The label text and help text for both fields can be set according to your needs. By default, these fields will not show on your Lesson Learned form. 

Updates and Fixes

  • Category Notifications – Users are able to subscribe to notifications when a new Lesson Learned is validated in a specific Category. These subscriptions are set by accessing the Category Settings function in the upper right corner of a Category page found in the Browser Categories area. Previously, if no Lessons Learned were validated in a particular Category you could not access the page. Now, if the Category has no validated Lessons Learned users may still access the Category page and subscribe to the notifications.
  • Improved Text Searching

1.       Text searching was limited due to a restriction that caused searches to be case-sensitive. We have lifted that restriction and it should be easier to find Lessons Learned regardless of the case of your keywords and the case of your terms in your Lessons Learned.

2.       There was also an issue with angle brackets being included in search terms that was causing searches to become unresponsive. This issue has been corrected.

  • Category Duplicate Check – It is possible to create multiple categories having the same name. However, the system now provides a warning if you create a duplicate category.
  • Improved Performance – There was an issue that was increasing the load time of the Lessons Learned form when conducting reviews. This issue has been corrected. 

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