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Lessons Learned Database v5.1 Release Notes

Jul 10 2017

We’ve recently released new functionality and a few fixes in v5.1. These new capabilities have been described below:

New Functionality

  • Deeper Project Integration – In the past when you have identified a lesson learned in a project you may have used a category to associate the Lesson Learned with a project. With this release, you can now associate a lesson learned with a project by selecting from a list of projects in the lesson learned form. The project list may also be used in the “Build a Search” function as yet another filter that can be used to refine the scope of your searches. To round out the project integration, the list of lessons learned associated with a given project may be found on the project page just below the project information. Please note: to have the project selection option available in the lesson learned form you must be a member of a project team. 
  • Company Branding – You will now have a more personalized look and feel with the ability to have your company logo displayed within the Lessons Learned Database. If you’d like your logo displayed please contact your Secutor Solutions rep. In addition, the top title bar has been updated to include your company name (e.g. “Lessons Learned Database for Your Company Name”).
  • Lesson Learned Ratings Report – Account Admins may now generate a report to see how each lesson learned is rated using the 5 star rating system. The report includes the average rating and the number of times each lesson learned has been rated and is sorted by its rating (highest to lowest). As with other reports this report can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF and other formats.

Updates and Fixes

  • Usage Report – For the Account Admin’s Usage Report, we’ve added the ability to filter the report by date and by user so you can pinpoint usage to a certain timeframe or user. To use the filters, access the funnel icon in the upper right corner of the report.

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