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Lessons Learned Database v5.2 Release Notes

Aug 07 2017

We’ve recently released new functionality and a few updates in v5.2. These new capabilities have been described below: 

New Functionality

Enhanced Category Functionality – For this release we have focused on improving the Category capabilities with the following enhancements:

  • Categories can now be designated as an Additional Category Only to limit the number of categories shown in the Primary Category selection area. This is helpful if you want only a subset of your Categories to be used to drive your reviews and thereby designate some of your Categories as metadata only. The Additional Category Only designation may be applied by an Account Administrator when creating or editing Categories.
  • Categories can be reordered to provide a more intuitive sequence. Sub Categories can be reordered by an Account Administrator using the Edit Category option found in the Category Actions menu in the Subscription Management page. Top level Categories can be reordered using the Reorder Top Level Categories option also found on the Category Actions menu.
  • For ease of navigating and locating Categories in the Primary and Additional Categories areas users may now use an Expand/Collapse button and a Category search function. This can be helpful in cases where you have a large number of Categories and finding the right Category may require a lot of scrolling. Now you can either:

1.       Collapse the Category tree and open the correct node or

2.       Type in all or a portion of the desired Category name and click the search button to find your Category. Matching Categories are highlighted in red. Tip: if you collapse the Category tree prior to searching, the nodes of the Category tree containing matching Categories will be expanded to reveal the matches.

 Lessons That Require My Review Search – This search has been converted to a menu item containing sub menu items for each of the Categories for which a Reviewer is responsible. The sub menu items are titled with the Category name along with the number of Lessons Learned in that Category that require review. Other new sub menu items include Flagged for Review (for Account Admins) and Reviews Delegated to Me for those who have received delegated reviews from a Reviewer.

 New Account Admin Report – To help you monitor usage on an individual user basis we have added a new report titled “Lesson Counts and Actions by User Report”. This report provides two data sets for each user:

1.       Counts of Lessons Learned in each state of the review cycle plus the number of Lesson Learned ratings and the number of Lessons Learned being reviewed by the user as of the date and time the report is run, and

2.       Lesson actions performed within a certain timeframe. Actions performed includes: Lesson Learned viewed (Accessed column), Lessons Learned created and Lessons Learned validated. The default timeframe for this data set is the last 30 days and a report filter (see filter in upper right of the report) may be adjusted to adjust the data set timeframe.

This new report and the other Account Administrator reports have been placed under a new Reports sub menu in the Admin menu. 

Updates and Fixes

Keyword Search Improvement – after typing in a keyword you no longer need to click the search button. With your cursor still in the Keyword Search box simply hit the “Enter” button on your keyboard and the system will perform the search. 

Bug Fixes:

  • #1461 – Fixed: Use of the system across multiple browser tabs causes issues with login and logout functions.
  • #1474 – Fixed: Extraneous subscription filter on the Admin Report causing confusion.
  • #1486 – Fixed: Saving a Lesson Learned without selecting a Primary Category causes the system to hang and requires user to log back in.
  • #1490 – Fixed: A “Deleted” Category shows as parent category on Edit Category form.
  • #1505 – Fixed: Missing mime types causes page load delays when system can’t load certain font files.

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