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Lessons Learned Database v5.4 Release Notes

Dec 12 2017


We’ve recently released new functionality, a few updates and a few fixes in v5.4. These new capabilities have been described below:

New Functionality

Lessons Learned Dashboard – For this release we added a new dashboard that is available when you first log in. You may also access the dashboard if you return to the home screen by clicking on the Lessons Learned Database title bar near the top of the screen. The dashboard provides 4 sections that contain the following information:

  • Top Contributors – Located in the upper left, this section provides a listing of the top 5 contributors ranked 1 through 5. Along with the user’s name is their count of validated Lessons Learned that they have contributed in the system.
  • Most Recently Validated – Located in the upper right, this section lists the 5 most recently validated Lessons Learned.
  • Top 5 Rated Lessons – In the lower left, this section provides a list of the top 5 rated Lessons Learned.
  • Top 5 Viewed Lessons – In the lower right, this section provides a list of the top 5 viewed Lessons Learned.

The Quick Start Guide (or welcome screen) that you may be used to seeing at startup has been replaced by this dashboard. However, you may still access the Quick Start Guide by selecting Help > Quick Start Guide from the navigation menu in the lower left. 

Updates and Fixes

Updated Browse Categories – Prior to this release the counts and listings of Lessons Learned in the Browse Categories section where based strictly on the primary category selection. With this release we have updated the Browse Categories counts and listings to include primary and additional category selections.

Session Expiring Soon Dialog – For security reasons we have implemented a session expiration function that will log you off should you leave your browser open and inactive beyond the time allowed. If you happen to be using the system when your session expires you will be given an opportunity extend your session and not lose any work.

Performance Improvements – To provide a better user experience we have made several performance improvements to reduce page load times. Target areas for the improvement include: Subscription Management, Build a Search, Browse Categories and the Lessons Learned forms.

Bug Fixes:

  • #1602 – FIXED: Special characters are encoded (e.g. \u0027 and \u0026) in the Description field of the Lessons Learned search results. After expanding a row in the search results these encoded special characters should no longer be present.

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