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Lessons Learned Database v5.5 Release Notes

Feb 26 2018

We’ve recently released new functionality with v5.5. These new capabilities have been described below: 

New Functionality

Access Groups – For this release we added the ability to restrict access to specific lessons learned using Access Groups. Access Groups are groups of users defined within the Lessons Learned Database that are created by an Account Admin and controlled by an Access Group owner. Once the Access Group is created the group owner may add group members. Group members are able to restrict access to lessons learned at creation, during a review or post-review. One or more Access Groups may be granted access to a lesson learned. Once access to a lesson learned is limited to an access group(s), only members of that group(s) will be able to see the lesson learned in the search results and other areas of the product where lessons learned are listed (e.g. dashboards). This functionality is useful in several scenarios. Here are a couple examples:

  • Proprietary Info – It’s not uncommon for R&D groups to identify lessons learned in the course of new product development. However, R&D teams may not want the entire company seeing these due to the potentially sensitive and proprietary nature of the information contained in these lessons learned. Access groups may be used to restrict access to these lessons learned.
  • Corporate Strategy – Management teams may collect lessons learned while business planning and formulating corporate strategy. These lessons learned may contain financial information or other sensitive information that needs restricted access until the plan or strategy has been communicated to the company. 

Account Administrators may create Access Groups by visiting the new Access Groups tab in the Subscription Management page.

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